The Maria Montessori Institute AB

The Maria Montessori Institute AB offers Montessori education according to AMI’s guidelines.

MMI’s founder and beginning
Ulla Wikefeldt is a teacher and an AMI methodology trainer. In 2001 she founded the Maria Montessori Institute. She has more than 30 years of experience of Montessori pedagogy. Ulla has:

  • been responsible for the AMI education of Montessori teachers for the ages 3-6 at Uppsala University, Sweden
  • been a Montessori teacher and manager for 10 years
  • held lectures about Montessori both nationally and internationally
  • been an AMI examiner in Europe, Asia and the USA
  • been the Director of Training and methodology teacher at an AMI Primary Teacher Training in Bangkok, Thailand.

New board – same vision
Palmlunds Skolor AB took over Maria Montessori Institutet in 2016. They run it with the same purpose as before: to train Montessori preschool teachers according to the pedagogical philosophy of Maria Montessori and AMI’s guidelines. Palmlunds Skolor has several Montessori schools in Skåne, Sweden.

A few words about and from the directress
Malin Spets is the directress of Maria Montessori Institutet. She had Ulla Wikefeldt as methodology teacher when she studied to become a Montessori preschool teacher in 1998. Before that she had worked as a traditional preschool teacher for 8 years. Since then Malin has worked as both preschool teacher and director at Montessori schools in Helsingborg and Lund, Sweden. She is currently in the Training of Trainers programme.

Maria Montessori Institutet’s vision is to manage and further what Ulla started. We also want to establish a national and international learning centre where people can exchange knowledge and thoughts about Montessori pedagogy and about the philosophy Maria Montessori constituted from her observations of children and adults, says Malin Spets, directress of Maria Montessori Institutet in Helsingborg.